How to Make a Simple Snowball Fight into a War!

I love the snow, it opens many ways to have a good time.  The most traditional way to have fun in the snow is a snowball fight.  My friends and I would always try and make it more entertaining than it normally is, by making teams and creating forts.  The rules would be if you get hit you must sit out until a teammate hits an opponent.  If a whole team gets taken out then that team losses.  Sometimes a person would grab as much snow in their hands, and charge the opponent’s fort, if he makes it across No Mans Land (area between the 2 forts) he would tackle someone.  Both people would be out.  Reference to a suicide bomber; in a snowball fight.  If your determined to overtake their fort, you can crawl into the open and start making little barriers between your fort and theirs.  Usually when you make a barrier the opposing team would try and stop you from gaining land toward their base fort, so you must get as many people to that barrier as possible.  Think of this kind of snowball fight as trench warfare, just without tanks.

P.S. Don’t throw ice blocks, it hurts, ALOT!!

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5 Simple Ways to Never be Bored

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For the people with nothing to do, and just hanging around the house.  There are alot of ways to entertain yourself, using things lying around your house. 1. Throwing cards into a hat, or coins.  It might sound dumb, but if you keep challenging yourself it will be loads of fun.  2. Play quarters with a friend.  All you have to do is spin a quarter, have your friend flick the quarter to keep it spinning.  Whoever flicks the quarter and the coin stops spinning, the other player gets to slide a quarter as hard as they can into the loser’s knuckles.  Keep playing until someone gives up, or someone’s knuckles start bleeding.  3. Play a sport!  This may be the easiest way to entertain yourself, it kinda explains itself.  4. Make videos of you and your friends doing funny things.  My friends and I always made videos of each other when we would go to my friend’s pool.  Good videos can be like, dumb ways to jump off diving board, creative ways to do a  belly flop, or even videos on how to swim.  5. Play pranks on your friends. To me this is the activity with the most fun.  Use these tips to spark your imagination, and have fun with friends and family.  Tell me how it goes, and send me some videos!

Bean Shooter

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Some people don’t want to buy BB guns, but I have a very useful substitution.  I call it the bean shooter, it is made of the top 2 inches of a empty two liter soda bottle, a balloon, and a sack of what ever kind of beans you can find that fits through the top of the soda bottle.  First, cut around the soda bottle about one to one and a half inches below the soda cap.  Second, take off the cap, wrap the mouth piece of the balloon around the area where the soda cap was.  You may need to use a rubber band to keep the balloon in place.  Once you get the shooter put together, put a couple beans into the open side and shoot some targets.  My friends and I would set up a course, and shoot each other.  It makes it more fun when you have alot of friends playing on teams.  It is elimination, last team standing wins.  Be sure to wear either goggles or glasses to protect your eyes.  If you’re one of those people with a low pain tolerance, you can strap a couple pillows to yourself, but its not as much fun.  Plus your friends will laugh at you trying to duct tape them to yourself.  Have fun and be safe!  Let me know how your bean wars go!


Skateboarding is the cure to all boredom.  Starting out may be hard, but once you get the hang of it, you will have the most fun you have ever had in life.  It is used as a way to vent out the stress of life.  It is a very good way to relax and relieve yourself of the burdens of school or work.  Skateboarding should not be used as a way to “look cool”, if that’s you, and you are reading this, stop being a poser.  If your going to hold a skateboard, ride it, don’t just try and look like a skater.  For all the stupid posers out there, go skate!  If you aren’t very good at skateboarding go to your local skate park, and start skating.  Some people get to a park and just wait for someone to invite them to start skating, you just have to put the board on the floor and push.  Don’t let any one push you around in a skate park, you have just as much of the right to be there as they do.  Alot of people would rather skateboard the street style, but to me ramps is the best part.  I’m not saying its better, but I think it is alot more fun.  Try learning some stalls first, then start going onto the ramp at an angle and grind the new stalls.  Once you get used to riding the ramps, try all your new tricks going twice as fast.  The faster the tricks are, the more fun it will be.  If you are traveling looking for good skate parks, my favorite park is Skater’s Point located on the beach of beautiful Santa Barbara.  Give me some feedback, I want to know your favorite skate park and your favorite trick, Street style and ramps.

P.S. Tofu is nasty, Tuna is better, but Nutella is the best.

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3 Man Slingshot

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On hot summer days everyone is looking for a fun and exciting way to cool off, I find the best way is water balloon fights.  Where I live my friends and I make the local skatepark a very dangerous battle zone.  The slingshot takes two bungie cords and a piece of material that will hold a water balloon, and won’t break if stretched.  Have two people pulling the two bungie cords, and one person pulling the water balloon back as far as you want to shoot, then aim for the unexpecting bikers riding by, release and watch the biker take a fat water balloon to the face.  Just be careful the moving target don’t see you, if they do, pick up the skateboard and leave.  They tend to get kinda mad after getting ahnialated by a blazing ball of water.  Just try not to hit the people that look like they would get butthurt and call the cops.  Although the slingshot may bring some trouble to you, the fun part is watching them blame random people in the skatepark.  If your going to use the slingshot, use it in an area were you can hide the contraption and blend in with a crowd, so they don’t realize it was you that drenched them with water.  Happy Valentines day, and have fun launching water balloons into your valentine’s face.  Send me some videos of you and your friends launching water balloons at people’s faces.

P.S. Please don’t launch tomatoes, cabbage, apples, bananas, carrots, or eggs its gross!

Sand boarding

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My brother and I used to go sand boarding in the dunes or down sand hills at the beach.  Start by taking the trucks off your skateboard, set the board at the top of the hill sort of on the down hill section of the hill, take a few steps back, and run, jump on the board.  Be careful, you might fall forward if your not leaning far enough back.  Also clear away all the rocks and anything that will give a good bruise or cut, think of it as a badge.  Getting a face full of sand isn’t the best part, but if you get it on camera it will make you laugh pretty hard.  If you want to make it even more fun just set up some bumps and jumps to see how good you can get.  To challenge yourself, try jumping onto the board backwards and ride switch.  It makes a good remembering of snowboard season, and keeps your balance from getting rusty.

Homemade slip-n-slide

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All you need to make the slip-n-slide is a giant tarp, and water.  I find it easiest to find a big grassy hill that has sprinklers instead of sending water though a hose down the tarp.  Sometimes the water doesn’t get to certain spots, so you might get a pretty good rash, but it will make a laugh with friends.  Once you successfully build and use the slide it is extremely fun.  It makes it more fun if you set up a couple of obstacles on the slide and play some human bowling.  I tried popping the wheels off my skate board and using that, but your going to need some dish soap for that extra slide.