5 Simple Ways to Never be Bored

Image via: colorado4x4.org

For the people with nothing to do, and just hanging around the house.  There are alot of ways to entertain yourself, using things lying around your house. 1. Throwing cards into a hat, or coins.  It might sound dumb, but if you keep challenging yourself it will be loads of fun.  2. Play quarters with a friend.  All you have to do is spin a quarter, have your friend flick the quarter to keep it spinning.  Whoever flicks the quarter and the coin stops spinning, the other player gets to slide a quarter as hard as they can into the loser’s knuckles.  Keep playing until someone gives up, or someone’s knuckles start bleeding.  3. Play a sport!  This may be the easiest way to entertain yourself, it kinda explains itself.  4. Make videos of you and your friends doing funny things.  My friends and I always made videos of each other when we would go to my friend’s pool.  Good videos can be like, dumb ways to jump off diving board, creative ways to do a  belly flop, or even videos on how to swim.  5. Play pranks on your friends. To me this is the activity with the most fun.  Use these tips to spark your imagination, and have fun with friends and family.  Tell me how it goes, and send me some videos!


One thought on “5 Simple Ways to Never be Bored

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