Best way to get rid of a bully

Bullying is a very serious problem in schools, and the kids getting pushed around have got to wake up and realize that if they keep letting the bigger person treat them like dirt its not gonna get easier.  When I was growing up I moved alot, and fitting into new schools was a very challenging obstacle.  I figured out the best way to deal with “bullies” was to not let them see you as a kid that is easy to push around.  People say Violence isn’t the answer, and we should tell a adult when we come across a bully, reality is if you tell a teacher, your only showing weakness.  Bullies love to take advantage of the weak kids, so deal with it on your own.  Be sure you know how to fight before making a stand to a bully, you may beat up.  So take boxing class, or whatever skill that matches your body type. If the bullie is bigger than you, the element of suprise is your best chance. Remember this is defensive only, fight only if your being picked on. Finding a fight is not a very good way to survive.  Prove your point short and sweet.

P.S. Kid gets what he gets.


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