Football with the Ocean

Usually when people go to the beach they get a bunch of friends together and start a pick up game at the closest beach.  For those people with a small amount of friends a good way to play football at the beach is to play catch in the water, when you catch the ball find the largest wave and plow into it.  Test yourself by hitting the biggest wave you can find, and see if you can stay standing after contact.  Try throwing a couple diving catches to your friends.


Snowboarding Will Never Die!

Snowboarding is the best sport ever.  If you have never been snowboarding, then put it on your to do list.  At first it can be really hard, and will work you very hard.  If a bruised tailbone isn’t something you would sacrifice then take up a different sport.  A bruised tailbone and a face full of snow is about the most common thing in snowboarding.  Here is a link that will save you a lot of pain, watch, listen, and learn.

How to Make the Biggest Water Balloons

Some people like to make little balloons that can be thrown really far but its better to sneak up behind someone and lay the nuke of water balloons on people.  These balloons can get really big, like really big.  If you do it right it will be very beautiful.  The best way to make these is to buy the biggest ones you can find, but to make them go above and beyond their limit you must stretch the balloon before you put water into it, and when you fill them up u must do it in a giant bucket of water.  Gravity is usually what causes the balloons to pop while being filled, so the water lessens the effect of the water being pulled by gravity.  Check this out, give it a try and give me some feedback

Racquetball Handball

Handball using a racquetball is much better than using a traditional playground ball.  I used to play this during recess when I went to elementary school.  All you need is a racquetball, a big wall, and a bunch of friends.  Here is where you can get the balls for the game

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Paintball War Zone

Paintball is one of the best sports to play.  It may hurt, but the adrenaline pumping through your body dulls the sharp pains.  The best way to do this and cheapest is to gather as many friends and equipment as you can, find an open area in a forest or an enclosed area, set up a course giving enough cover for each team.  These are my favorite markers out there (paintball guns)  There are a lot of places that have courses already set up, but they are usually expensive

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Trampoline Into a Pool

A diving a board is a traditional way to jump into a pool, but a trampoline is a better way.  Just try not to belly flop, it is very painful.  Unless you and your friends want to do a competition on who can do the highest belly flop.  Doing a really high dive is my favorite thing to do, try it and give me some feedback.

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Gangs are Pointless

No need to fight a fight given to you by another person.  Its the dumbest way live, starting beef with other people just because they roll with different people.  The only reason gangs are still alive is because they pull kids into the gang to fight their fight once the older gang members either get killed or thrown in jail.

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