About The World

Everyone knows life is hard.  But the only way to stay above water is to be determined, and to never give up.  The key to the world we live in is the law of attraction.  This law can open any door to you, whatever you think your life will be is what you will get.  If you can only see yourself as a thuged out gangster from the pits of Los Angeles, then most likely that’s what your life will form into.  If you see yourself becoming the worlds bravest space traveler taking a trip to a different solar system, chances are you will be strapped to a rocket flying at a million miles per second.  In school; teachers always try to teach you this rule by telling us “You can be anything as long as you put your mind to it, and not ever give up.”  The only thing standing between people and their dreams, is themselves.  The famous words that keep peolple from fulfilling their dreams is “I can’t”, “It’s too hard”, or the worst of all “My parents don’t let me.”  The only person telling you what your life is going to come out to be is yourself and nobody else.  People will always try to change your opinions and dreams, you must stay true to yourself and only listen to the positive thinking side of your inner voice.


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