Late Night Bowling

A really good way to have some good times with all your friends is to go to the closest bowling lanes.  Having fun bowling makes a lot of good memories.  I suggest putting up the bumpers so you don’t get gutter balls.  Also the bumpers come in handy so you and your friends can act dumb and do some crazy throws, to make a laugh.  Hopefully your local bowling place has neon lights that light up the lanes after dark.  I don’t know why, but going when they have the lights on always makes the night better.  Some places have fluorescent bowling balls that will light up when the neon lights shine onto the ball.

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Homemade slip-n-slide

Thanks to George Taylor from Vimeo.

All you need to make the slip-n-slide is a giant tarp, and water.  I find it easiest to find a big grassy hill that has sprinklers instead of sending water though a hose down the tarp.  Sometimes the water doesn’t get to certain spots, so you might get a pretty good rash, but it will make a laugh with friends.  Once you successfully build and use the slide it is extremely fun.  It makes it more fun if you set up a couple of obstacles on the slide and play some human bowling.  I tried popping the wheels off my skate board and using that, but your going to need some dish soap for that extra slide.