Ultimate Rugby

Get two teams of friends together with either a football or a real rugby ball.  The rules are you can’t run if you have your hands on the ball, all passes have to be underhand, defense must count to ten (normal counting, no counting to ten in two seconds) before rushing the Quarterback, if the ball hits the ground its a turnover to the other team. The Quarterback can run to evade the people rushing in, but can not go past the line where the ball was snapped.  Also to make a try (one point) you must go to the end zone and touch the ball to the floor. http://www.worldrugbyshop.com/departments-balls.html


How to Make a Simple Snowball Fight into a War!

I love the snow, it opens many ways to have a good time.  The most traditional way to have fun in the snow is a snowball fight.  My friends and I would always try and make it more entertaining than it normally is, by making teams and creating forts.  The rules would be if you get hit you must sit out until a teammate hits an opponent.  If a whole team gets taken out then that team losses.  Sometimes a person would grab as much snow in their hands, and charge the opponent’s fort, if he makes it across No Mans Land (area between the 2 forts) he would tackle someone.  Both people would be out.  Reference to a suicide bomber; in a snowball fight.  If your determined to overtake their fort, you can crawl into the open and start making little barriers between your fort and theirs.  Usually when you make a barrier the opposing team would try and stop you from gaining land toward their base fort, so you must get as many people to that barrier as possible.  Think of this kind of snowball fight as trench warfare, just without tanks.

P.S. Don’t throw ice blocks, it hurts, ALOT!!

image via: cheezburger.com