How to Make the Biggest Water Balloons

Some people like to make little balloons that can be thrown really far but its better to sneak up behind someone and lay the nuke of water balloons on people.  These balloons can get really big, like really big.  If you do it right it will be very beautiful.  The best way to make these is to buy the biggest ones you can find, but to make them go above and beyond their limit you must stretch the balloon before you put water into it, and when you fill them up u must do it in a giant bucket of water.  Gravity is usually what causes the balloons to pop while being filled, so the water lessens the effect of the water being pulled by gravity.  Check this out, give it a try and give me some feedback


Bean Shooter

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Some people don’t want to buy BB guns, but I have a very useful substitution.  I call it the bean shooter, it is made of the top 2 inches of a empty two liter soda bottle, a balloon, and a sack of what ever kind of beans you can find that fits through the top of the soda bottle.  First, cut around the soda bottle about one to one and a half inches below the soda cap.  Second, take off the cap, wrap the mouth piece of the balloon around the area where the soda cap was.  You may need to use a rubber band to keep the balloon in place.  Once you get the shooter put together, put a couple beans into the open side and shoot some targets.  My friends and I would set up a course, and shoot each other.  It makes it more fun when you have alot of friends playing on teams.  It is elimination, last team standing wins.  Be sure to wear either goggles or glasses to protect your eyes.  If you’re one of those people with a low pain tolerance, you can strap a couple pillows to yourself, but its not as much fun.  Plus your friends will laugh at you trying to duct tape them to yourself.  Have fun and be safe!  Let me know how your bean wars go!

3 Man Slingshot

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On hot summer days everyone is looking for a fun and exciting way to cool off, I find the best way is water balloon fights.  Where I live my friends and I make the local skatepark a very dangerous battle zone.  The slingshot takes two bungie cords and a piece of material that will hold a water balloon, and won’t break if stretched.  Have two people pulling the two bungie cords, and one person pulling the water balloon back as far as you want to shoot, then aim for the unexpecting bikers riding by, release and watch the biker take a fat water balloon to the face.  Just be careful the moving target don’t see you, if they do, pick up the skateboard and leave.  They tend to get kinda mad after getting ahnialated by a blazing ball of water.  Just try not to hit the people that look like they would get butthurt and call the cops.  Although the slingshot may bring some trouble to you, the fun part is watching them blame random people in the skatepark.  If your going to use the slingshot, use it in an area were you can hide the contraption and blend in with a crowd, so they don’t realize it was you that drenched them with water.  Happy Valentines day, and have fun launching water balloons into your valentine’s face.  Send me some videos of you and your friends launching water balloons at people’s faces.

P.S. Please don’t launch tomatoes, cabbage, apples, bananas, carrots, or eggs its gross!